Monday, 4 May 2009

Keep Your Account Hack-Free!

People have been asking how to make their accounts safe from hackers. Read these points below to make the most of being safe.

1. It's the obvious on, but NEVER give out your password - to anyone. Even people who claim they can give you things, or if they say they can get the stuff back that has been hacked from you before. PLEASE. I don't want people being hacked!
2. Add people you know in real, and people you can trust. Some people can hack you, by just you accepting their friend request.
3. Don't swap accounts. This is highly dangerous, and most likely - you wont get your account back.
4. Change your pass often. Like once or twice every few months. Also, make it hard to guess. I mean, if your account name is DannyFlam12321234 and your profile says 'I'm DannyFlam and i'm 18' don't make your password 'DannyFlam18' - Just obvious!
5. Risk going and visiting Hackers profiles. This gives them an account to track down. Yours.
6. Don't trade with some one you can't trust. Make sure the person you're trading with has refrenceses, so you can check he/she's a safe trader. Make sure you know what you're doing with the codes/stardollars. The thing is, if you get hacked this way, Stardoll cannot give you anything back, or ban the person who hacked you. This is only becuase Stardoll says on the rules and conditions 'NO ONE SHALL SELL THERE ITEMS/ACCOUNTS FOR MORE THAN 60$, AND TRADING IS FORBIDDEN. IF SOME ONE DOES THIS, IT'S THERE OWN RISK' So avoid trading if you can
7. Don't give subtle hints to your password. As in, if they ask questions like 'Fav colour? Animal?' This gives people a rough idea of your password, so as I said - Make it hard to guess. Something envloving numbers and letters. And over 15 characters is ideal. So something like 12309OKbabe00
8. Don't give out your email. If you have to, make a new one. Just incase the person has a password unlocking system for the certain email address you're using, such as Hotmail or Yahoo. So they have no way to get to your Stardoll infomation.
9. Make sure you don't give it to friends - even over the phone. You may think you can trust them, but no one really knows anyone...
10. Even following the above won't garentie that you will be safe. But you will definatly be safer.

Stardoll Is 3! And 30million members!

We expected alot of things, with the 3rd birthday and 30 million members. But what did we get for it's 30 million members?

A free shirt.


BUT they also released a bag (10) and a swinging sign (30) The prices are mad. And even worse, it's only for superstars! It's just silly. Come on Stardoll! What's wrong?!

Luckly, a few days on, Stardoll released a beautiful dress, Hot Buys, in dedication to 30 members. Even though it's priced at 10, it's available for all!

So, play a few games to get 5 Stardollars, and then you'll only have to pay 5 of your own money! This week has really dissapointed the Loyal members of Stardoll. Come on, Stardoll!

Friday, 24 April 2009


Philosophy is going to be a BIG brand in the future, so NAB yours at only HALF PRICE at the Starplaza now!!

Enjoy ;)


I have noticed a few LE glitches,

which enabled you to sell CERTIAN, not all, LE items from Season 1, and 3.

This is an example:

WEIRD!! Anway, happy day!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

LE - Spring!

The new LE has seriosuly been in demand; The first hour had the 'I Heart Spring Necklace' and 'Floral Cut Out Dress' already history, and unavailable due to the demand! Shocker, much?! However, stunners such as the 'Petal Pink Sequin Shift' still seems to be able to be bought, but I have a feeling it looks alot like the 1st Season DKNY sequin dress, don't you? However, it's teamed up with Sequin Shorts and Blazer, accompanied by the pink and blue bikini, also available in Pink, and pink! I have to say, these LE has gone much quicker than previous - I hope I am online the second the next lot is out, because if I am a few hours left, I am sure they'll be gone! Must be said, but the shoes, accessories and bags are looking better than ever, but still not beating the hearts purse from the previous series I am afraid. But the shoes look great, and bangles look a hit, and STILL AVAILABLE, at onlt 35 and 25!! I know, amazing, right?! But anyhow, don't splash all savings - In two months, there's more LE on the way ;)

Monday, 13 April 2009

which season of DKNY is the best?

which season of dkny is better?
do you prefher the flashier more sparkly party style of the older season 1, or do you prefer this season with fresher styles and a more relaxed casual atmosphere?
i have asked a couple of hot, fashion savvy people on stardoll and a dkny collector, here are their different opinions.
"i prefered the older seasons of DKNY they were more party style and incorperated lots of sequins and sparkle"

"i like the new seasons of DKNY they are brighter and more casual and easier to wear and afford as to get hold of a piece of fist season DKNY you have to pay an absaloute fortune, and with the new season you pay a reasnable price and can get more wear out of it"

here we have two conflicting opinions, i myself prepher the new season but there are a few pieces of the old dkny that i would like to get my hands on, such as the lip print scarf and a couple of dresses. however it seems that the stardoll community is going crazy for the season 1 but the new season has been given a much cooler reception.

what do you think of the different collections of DKNY in the starplaza?

DOT vs. SEPHORA - Who wins?!

I was checking out some of your presentations, and Starblogs, and I found mixed reviews about DOT and Sephora. Obviously, the main difference between the two is the style. But which do you prefer? We have a review on both brands, and which is better!

Well, what do I say?! The look of the mascara, eyeshadow, and even eye liner look alot more attractive than the Sephora range. The bold pink really makes a statment, and the shades, and containers look very 70s! Which is really quite something! The variety of lip colours is pretty amazing to, from Hollywood Red to Sea Blue, there is definatly a colour for all outfits! There is a beautiful red blusher, which really does it for me, very classy! But, the prices are pretty high. Sephora lipstick priced at $4, and now $8! That's double! We have some views of what you guys think!

"DOT has alot more nicer and funkier packaging, But I don't like the colours. It's to dark and harsh, and I think Sephora was more wearable, and the colours look alot nicer"
"I think DOT is really nice! The bright lippy looks a scream, and I totally love the colours. Alot more adventerous than Sephora"
"Sephora was way better, which more prettier colours, I want Kat Von D back too, that was really nice. Come back Sephora!"

Sephora was the first makeup on Stardoll, and seriously took Stardoll by storm. Everyone wore the beautiful shades, with the prices to low! It was great, and everyone loved them. It was pretty amazing, and everyone knew that Sephora was a Stardoll break through, and made the population of Stardoll buzz with excitment! The classy colours, and pretty metalics were a big hit, and the lovely tones really were very nice, and we all knew that this brand was here to stay. Until, one morning - It had gone. Everyone was pretty shocked. But even more shocking - Sephora was replaced by Stardolls' own brand, DOT. "Why?!" I hear Stardoll members say. The prices of make up hit the roof, and everyone was moaning, but now. You guys love it. And I see why.

"It's so much more trendier, and better for teens. I love people noticing my new ice blue lipstick."
"Looks good, but prices are way to big. I wish Sephora was around for a bit longer. I wished Stardoll gave us MORE warning it was going."
"I can't believe the amazing DOT. It looks great! Wish the prices were not money burning though..."

Well, there we have it. The review of DOT and Sephora. Well, what did you think?!